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Victor Manuel Gimenez Escalante is a Venezuelan with a bachelor’s degree in science in communication. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in digital filmmaking and video production at Miami International University of Art and Design.

Experienced using adobe software such as adobe premiere, adobe audition, adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator. Additionally, he’s got work experience as a tv producer in a news show from Venezuela. Victor is always trying to find different ways to tell a story, his time as a film student has led him to gain experience in editing, film directing and cinematography by working in student short film for the school.

Victor always seeks different ways to tell a story by focusing on those three roles of the filmmaking process. With only student projects as background experience, victor is looking forward to moving on and get hands-on training with real industry projects to enrich himself with work experience that will allow him to learn, improve and show his skills as a filmmaker.



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